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Mr Sweeney: A Biography in Four Fits

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Kevin Sweeney is the author of over a dozen books, often under other names, including the Sideshow P.I. series with Nathaniel Lambert, as well as The Pornographer-General, Smut & Trash, and The Bee-atches. He lives in merry old England with his partner Pinky, who can attest that he is not as much of a cunt as all the evidence would otherwise suggest.


Curriculum Vitae

Mr Sweeney is a novelist, short story writer, satirist, editor, and publisher. He has also been an arctic aurora hunter, Bangkok go-go connoisseur, horse groom, chaos magus, chocolate factory slave, and Scottish Laird.



Mr Sweeney is one of the most unhinged, unrestrained, unbalanced, uncontrolled, unstable, and uninhibited writers of over-the-top, pull-out-all-the-stops, slit-your-throat-and-fuck-the-wound experiMENTAL and F.U.B.A.R. fiction of the contemporary scene.


Pessimist Reductionism

Mr Sweeney is a biological robot whose sense of “self” is a patchwork of responses to external influences that have acted upon his neural system at various times in different combinations and strengths. Some of these influences include writers such as Flann O’Brien, Sarah Kane, Aleister Crowley, and “the usual gang of idiots.”


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