Haven’t updated here in quite some time! Well, I have two new books out, one at the end of last year, and one just last month!


From the New Bizarro Author imprint of Eraserhead Press (even though I’ve been a bizarro author since my first book SIDESHOW P.I. way back in 2009) comes GENOCIDE ON THE INFINITE EXPRESS.


A man with no name and no memory finds himself on board a train of infinite length, filled with corpses. All of the corpses are clones of himself, dead versions of him, and no two are exactly the same. They have different haircuts, or beards dyed wild colors; some have tattoos, or piercings, or scars, missing or multiple limbs, or weirder still, are a completely other species… there are dwarf versions of him and dinosaur versions of him and even cartoon cereal box mascot versions of him, all gruesomely murdered. Who is he, who are they, who murdered them, and why? What else can he do but walk, and hope to find answers to the ultimate murder mystery somewhere amongst the endless corpses?


OD Cover ebook Good2Go

From Black Rainbows Press, my extreme bizarro horror OPPOSITE DAY!


Nobody remembers the Opposite Day massacre at the Big Top amusement park…Nobody EVER remembers the massacre because nobody ever SURVIVES it…Harper thinks she is having a bad day. Having lost a great job, her home, and her girlfriend, she now works at the Big Top amusement park, entertaining guests… if “entertaining” means being sexually assaulted by the drugged up perverts who invade the park at twilight. But Harper doesn’t know what a bad day is, not yet… because Harper doesn’t know that today is the anniversary of the worst massacre in human history… today is Opposite Day, when fun becomes terror, laughter becomes screaming, and the whole world is turned upside down in an orgy of skull-fucking, stomach-bursting, genital-grinding ultra-violence.

Click on the covers to buy in Kindle and Print editions.

OK, what else?

Well, my extremely controversial DAMNATION 101 has officially gone out of print. Strangehouse Books, the publisher are concentrating on having a female only roster these days, so I will be looking for a second home for the old beast… and forthcoming from me this year I have a whole slew of titles lined up, including THE GARDEN GNOME, THE LOLLIPOP MAN, THE MICROWAVE, VICIOUS, and, THE BEAST WITH TWO BACKS, FIVE CUNTS, AND A THIRTY-SIX INCH PENIS WITH SEVERED BABY ARMS SEWN ONTO IT TO MAKE IT LOOK LIKE A CENTIPEDE… AND OTHER HORROR STORY CLICHÉS.

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