One Year Anniversary…


It’s been a year since StrangeHouse Books released this nasty little dark comedy… here are some snippets from the reviews!

“I love reading edward lee books. I thought nothing could match him in Gore and being disgusting. I was so wrong.”

“Wow. There aren’t enough grotesque words in the English language for how nasty this little book is.”

“An extremely sick, twisted and warped view of the depths of hell and I loved every minute of it!”

The Breakfast Club fucked to death by Dante’s Inferno. Thanks to a balls-up by a moron God, all humans go to Hell when they die. But the Academy that trains demons to torture can’t churn out students fast enough to cope with demand, and so as an experiment a human is enrolled to see if the damned can be used shore up the number of tormentors. But first she has to survive the harsh lessons of Damnation 101… In a high school in Hell four students end up in detention together; Dro)))ne, a fallen angel who thinks he’s better than everyone; El Pendejo, a half unicorn, half Mexican wrestler demon; Bibbidibobbidibu, an insecure imp with a lot to live up to; and Zsa Zsa, a recently dead Generation XXXer whose life before death was already Hell-on-Earth. Between bouts of gang rape and extreme brutality they get to talking, painting with body fluids a picture of relentless horror, of life and lessons at the Academy; the “Violence Fair” of students competing to build the best killing machines; cliques; a food fight with the corpses of near-extinct animals and genetically modified babies; bullying; a biology lesson dissecting angels the size of whales; fucking with the janitor (who happens to be Hitler); and a good old fashioned school shooting… British bizarro author Kevin Sweeney takes us on a trip through hell like we’ve never seen before in his balls-to-the-wall debut novel from StrangeHouse Books. Damnation 101 will leave you shocked, stunned, and crying for more!

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