Sideshow P.I. The Devil’s Garden NEW EDITION


New Ramoth. A city covered in scar tissue, where survival of the fittest decides who’s on top and crime is the only promotion system. Enter Eddie “DogBoy” Gnash, ex-carnival freak turned private investigator. Now the bodies are piling up, and the fate of New Ramoth rests in the hands of this fur-covered freak- Eddie Gnash, Sideshow P.I.

Originally published by Graveside Tales back in 2009, Stygian Publications are putting out a new edition of the first collaborative novel between Nathaniel Lambert and me. The original version (the cover of which is still shown on the BOOKS tab) had a brilliant introduction written by Gina Ranalli, and overall turned out really well; neither Nate or I had tackled a full length novel, or had written with a partner, and live on different continents, but the fact that Ol’ Dog Boy has been picked up for a whole TRILOGY by Stygian says that we did something right. Expect the next novel, Sideshow P.I. All Fall Down, in the very near future.

The new cover is by George C. Cotronis.

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